by Pseudocide

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1;4: music performed by Kadin Contois & Paul Keily / 2-3;5-6: music performed by Kadin Contois & Will Thornton / 7: music performed by Kadin Contois /// 2: vocals by Will Thornton / 3,6-7: vocals by Kadin

bonus tracks:
8-10 music performed by Will Thornton / 8-9: vocals: Kadin Contois


released October 31, 2015

This is our noisy response to the current music scene that has insulted our ears for too many years.
Simple music for the simple minds + Commercialism = What is catered on the wavebands of radio stations around the globe.
Be not a product of the FM frequency. Instead, choose to be your very own frequency. One beyond the confinements of the garbage they choose to feed you on a daily basis.

(Pseudo15) TRT 36:40 / 53:33




Pseudocide Fredericksburg, Virginia

Pseudocide is the project of Kadin Contois who occasionally creates industrial noise drone music by himself or with Will Thornton, Paul Keily or James Balster. Band practice consist of mailing mp3s to each other.

Pseudocide started April 2013. After Kadin and Will played and recorded some live shows, and cut some rough demos, they compiled their first cd of material on November of the same year.
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Track Name: I am Not a Name I'm a Number
I am not a name.
I’m a number.
A ?Syntax_Error
to your system.

I was created
on June 26, 1974.
The same day that
your UPC bar code
was introduced
to the public.

On this day I was
given my first number.
One with a false
sense of security.
Its digits end with

Credit cards and cellphones
Social security and driver’s license.
Each with their very own
row of numbers to let you
know who I really am.

I am not a name.
I’m a number.