Barcode (split EP)

by Pseudocide

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Guitar on 1-3: Raymond Husmann / 1-2 remixed by Kadin Contois / 3 recorded by Mike Morrison live @ KC's Music Alley as The Church of Kadin (Kadin Contois - Raymond Husmann - Alexinder Gunn) / 4 remixed by Daniel John Dormer & Kadin Contois / 5 performed by Kadin Contois / 6 performed by Kadin Contois & Edward Condart as Human Eraser - remixed by Kadin / 7 performed by Kadin Contois, Edward Condart & Morgan23 as Human Eraser - remixed by Kadin


released April 24, 2014

1-Barcode (digital destruction) - 4.10.14
2-Barcode (binary dub) - 4.13.14
3-Barcode (live) - 11.27.09
4-Generation Zero (protoss remix) - 2/4.15.14
5-When Digital Fucks Analog - 4.24.14
6-It's All Just A Plague - 2.98/remixed 4.22.14
7-Shut the Windows (& Squeal Like A Pig) - 10.31.97/remixed 4.23.14

(Pseudo5) TRT 20:13




Pseudocide Fredericksburg, Virginia

Pseudocide is the project of Kadin Contois who occasionally creates industrial noise drone music by himself or with Will Thornton, Paul Keily or James Balster. Band practice consist of mailing mp3s to each other.

Pseudocide started April 2013. After Kadin and Will played and recorded some live shows, and cut some rough demos, they compiled their first cd of material on November of the same year.
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Track Name: Generation Zero (protoss remix)
Do you have a feeling that other countries
Are stalking and talking behind our backs?
That other countries are getting fed up
And dare to compare their strategies
To wipe us into a third world nation?

And this will be after the extermination
Of at least 2/3rds of our population
That this so called land of ours
Wasn't even meant to contrive.
Will we survive? Not quite this time.

Should I dare to mention
That I feel all this tension
Building up slowly but surely
Within the Earth's nervous system?

The Earth has known about the decline
Of mankind for quite some time now
And if asked about how I know this
I will answer: Because - I am - In tune -
With all the surroundings around me.

There's nothing left for us to work out.
There's nothing left for us to do.
It's too late to correct our stupid mistakes
And expect forgiveness from other tribes
Who now want their turn to play the role
As the bomb-happy bullies of the world.

They are closer than you think.

Nothing our parents could have said
Would have prepared us for the world
We are about to inherit.
We will not share it.
Hell - We won't even be a part of it.

Generation Zero.
Resurrection of Nero.
They are closer than you think.
And now they're turning out the lights.