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"I made a commitment on November 2, 2013, the day the first Pseudocide CD was being distributed as 20 numbered copies, that I would record ten cds/digital albums in one year. With the help of Will Thornton, Paul Keily, James Balster, and a number of people who contributed their own remixes, this happened with the release of the tenth cd on November 2, 2014, and there was still enough time to muster two more fine digital albums before the turn of the New Year." - Kadin Contois

Tracks 1-12 was carefully selected and each one comes from a separate Pseudocide digital album. Track number 13 is an exclusive track meant for this digital album.

1 from the 7 track: (pseudo1) Pseudocide
2 from the 12 track: (pseudo2) Shortwave Suicide
3 from the 8 track: (pseudo3) Throat
4 from the 10 track: (pseudo4) I Shot Kurdt Cobain
5 from the 7 track: (pseudo5) Barcode (split EP)
6 from the 10 track: (pseudo6) No Signal
7 from the 8 track: (pseudo7) Static Quo
8 from the 10 track: (pseudo8) RPM
9 from the 13 track: (pseudo9) Elevator Music
10 from the 18 track: (pseudo10) Generation Zero (remixes)
11 from the 10 track: (pseudo11) Astronomical Units
12 from the 8 track: (pseudo12) Astronomical Remixes
13 is an exclusive eleven part plunderphonic medley only intended for this digital release.
14 is a bonus track available only after downloading this album.

Don't mistake us for some horrible radio play.
This compilation is not a Greatest Hits or Best Of,
as we are not famous and intend to never be.


released February 24, 2015

track 1 performed by Kadin Contois, Will Thornton & Eddie Dickerson
track 2,8,12,14 performed by Kadin Contois & Will Thornton
track 3,4,7,11,13 performed by Kadin Contois
track 5 performed by Kadin Contois & Raymond Husmann
track 6 performed by Kadin Contois & James Balster
track 9 performed by Kadin Contois & Paul Keily
track 10 spoken by Kadin Contois / remixed by Aubrey Xrong

(Pseudo1-12BOX) Volume One: 2013-2014 / TRT 660:55 (10 CDS)
(Pseudo1-12CD) - Single CD/digital version / TRT 63:45 / 66:55
(Pseudo1-12SD) 2GB SD card/booklet (pending for future release)




Pseudocide Fredericksburg, Virginia

Pseudocide is the project of Kadin Contois who occasionally creates industrial noise drone music by himself or with Will Thornton, Paul Keily or James Balster. Band practice consist of mailing mp3s to each other.

Pseudocide started April 2013. After Kadin and Will played and recorded some live shows, and cut some rough demos, they compiled their first cd of material on November of the same year.
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